sends strong bursts of light into the vein until it slowly fades and disappears.

Different modalities against the problem areas of the skin to create small areas of trauma that activate the body’s internal healing mechanism.   This mechanism works by encouraging a natural production of new collagen and elastin, which will, in turn, lead to improved skin elasticity and smoother, plumper looking skin. Consultation is needing to determine which treatment is best for you.

A 30-minute treatment used for weight-loss, muscle tension relief, detoxification, increased metabolism, and a stronger immune system.

is a non-surgical and non-invasive fat removal procedure using low frequency sound waves to destroy fat cells.

Uses a combination of radio frequency waves, infrared light, and vacuum suction to increase collagen production and thus help smooth cellulite. Results typically last for a few months.

is a noninvasive procedure that involves the cooling of body fat to break down fat cells, resulting in a reduction of body fat without damage to other tissues.

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